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Kathy Carpenter



CHICAGO 708-288-9831



I am amazed at the expansiveness of the world at work. 


The vast kinds of jobs and industries, the things we create and the people behind those creations, all inspire HR Pilots to connect companies and people to work that enriches.


Today’s changing workforce dynamics, economic challenges, and technological advances are placing immense pressure on business leaders to turn their focus to people – their most valuable asset – in order to remain competitive. 


The very challenges leaders face in acquiring talent is the opportunity to compete to win.


How you go about attracting and hiring people is critical to your ability to deliver your business promise! 


Using our disciplined, holistic approach, we help you connect the dots from defining your objectives to developing the performance profile of the one who will get the work done.


View our process workflow “The Way We Work”  to see how our turnkey model can take your recruiting effectiveness to a whole new level.


I invite you to experience a partnership with HR Pilots where we can help you achieve your Vision for employing great people for mutual reward and success. 


Call me to discuss your needs.




Kathy A. Carpenter 


"...truly believing that people are the difference, we have assembled a top-flight team to flawlessly navigate the dizzying maze of options, while charting a course to land your company at its hire-destination."


Kathy Carpenter, Principal

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