We make sure your candidate pipeline is managed effectively




You know what you want, but is your job description going to attract the right candidate?


Clients frequently get caught up in hiring jargon that is “usual and customary”.  Today’s workforce talent filters those kinds of offers out because it just doesn’t resonate with them.


The HR Pilots talent sourcing process works because we understand the wants and needs of today’s job candidate. You want the best talent available, candidates want stable organizations that recognize their skills as well as offer career growth opportunity.   


We can help effectively market your job and help you assess candidate respondents by ranking them against your real needs.


HR Pilots is the new talent sourcing gold standard.  We have a proven track record and the desire to be the best.  If you are seeking better candidates, more variety and depth in your talent pool, HR Pilots should be your first and last stop.


Experienced, thoughtful and quick talent sourcing.  HR Pilots is the best value in talent sourcing in America.

Time to hire is crucial!

We provide a quick process that will attract the most qualified candidates, rank them and be interview ready.